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British Institute to:

- Ponad 15 lat doświadczenia

- Ośrodek egzaminowania językowego ETS

- Lektorzy z USA, Australii i Anglii

- Tysiące absolwentów, w tym na międzynarodowych uczelniach

- 100% zdawalności egzaminów Cambridge, ETS i matur

Who's your tutor?

Mike Schillhahn

Mike Schillhahn was born and raised in the Great Midwest of the United States, and went on to a long career as a media professional in broadcasting and print in the United States. His emphasis is on helping English language students become comfortable in communicating using their new language skills, with the emphasis on not being afraid to make mistakes, because, as Mike says "If you aren't making mistakes, then you aren't learning."

Karl Baumgartner

Karl Baumgartner. An Australian born in Sydney, lived in Poland for 4 years. He's been teaching English for 3 years. Likes to create a relaxed friendly environment in the classroom so the students feel at ease to practise their English. Teaching all four skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, though particularly concentrate on listening and speaking.

Piotr Polański
Headmaster and Owner

Piotr Polański, born and brought-up in Poland. Lecturer with over 17 yrs of experience in general and business English. Keen on fast progress. Successful in Cambridge test preparations. TOEIC examiner, PhD in Economics. British Institute's headmaster and owner.

Ideal for

For the serious language learners wanting to make rapid progress. The unique method will get you speaking in your new language from the first lesson. With the help of Polish or native tutors you perfect your pronunciation, increase your vocabulary and you gain confidence speaking in your new language.

What's included?

• High quality language learning content
• Pronunciation training
• Sessions with tutors who are native speakers helping to refine your conversation skills 

What you can achieve?

Become confident and accustomed to speaking in a new language - This is the goal of our native tutors here to help you along the way.
They master topics such as : greetings, orders, travel, time, food, phone calls, Smalltalk, size and length specifications, politics and the economy, school, work and study, marketing, manufacturing, sales.
Achieve professional success and personal happiness.